Kolunsag is a fake fur fabric producer company. Our first activities in textile sector started in 1933 in a small plant at Eyup, Istanbul. Now, we are carrying on our fake fur fabric manufacturing activity with our latest and highest technological equipped renewable machine park in our own modern factory building existed Hadimkoy since 1992. Our company have been among the leading manufacturers of Turkey in this field for more than 25 years and has a production capacity to supply 50% of plush fabrics requirement of Turkey market. Fake Fur covers all similar naming such as Faux Fur, Imitation Fur, Polar Fleece, Plush, Mouflon,Shag and High Pile Fabrics that are same content but in different names. Fake Fur fabric is a such product that can be used as a protection function against to the cold, just as an accessory in garment or any other industrial sectors. Fake Fur fabric has a wide areas of usage. Below are the sectors fake fur is used; • Garment, Clothing, Coat, Jacket, Parka, Waistcoat, Rompers, Scarf, Shawl, Fur, Mink Coat. • Toy Industry. • Shoes, Boot, Slipper, Snoozies, Top Boot, Foot Wear, • Home Textile, Carpet, Baby Products, Blankets, Prayer Rug, Bathmat, Hat, Bag, Chair Cover, Bed Covering, Stationary, Souvenir, Belongings. • Automotive Upholstery, Paint Roller, Filters for Air Conditions, Gloves, Gift Box Covering, Decorative Coverings, Leather applications and in an any form and application designed by styler. Our company is using quality, natural, organic, original and certified raw material and supplies in the production line. The stuff is experienced and our technology is updated. We have also quality management certificate named ISO 9001. Our design team create our private Summer-Winter collections twice a year by following the trends all over the world so we are in position as taste maker company to fashion in our field. We can also create a panel tailor made or special order as per private requests received from the customers. Many articles from our collection are so realistic that they can no longer be distinguished from real fur. Fur is for animals imitation fur is for humans. To fulfill the requirements of the agreement, customer satisfaction, standard quality, sustainability, to keep the secret of our customers and to be on the square are our company’s main and irrevocable principles. We attend many sectoral and general local and international fairs as well as visitor and participant. Our goods are exporting to Russia and European, Balkans and Middle East countries. Our showroom is existed in our head office in front of our factory. We kindly invite our customers to our showroom to see our full range and live samples. We will be pleased to host you in our company.

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